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but today a special unit made a stop in a train station in the east bay. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. laura anthony sl live tonight. laura? >> hi, carolyn, tsa out here earl tli morning and a surprise visit of sorts. the spokesman likely to send set up a dui check point saying if quote, bad guys know tsa might be here, they might decide not to launch an attack on amtrak. they're part of a special unit of the viper team. viper stands for visible intermodal prevention and response, we've learned their -- blurred their faces because some also work under cover. >> this morning there is a visible deterrent if anyone thinks about maybe wanting to do something to amtrak or rails we're herement it's unpredictable. >> in this case, the tsa works with amtrak police officers to make a sweep of the train. the unit will look for signs of trouble this is more about being seen. at least once in a while, by those who travel on amtrak. >> think should know we're out there looking at rail safety and we're trying to make sure everyone remains vij lebt. >> never times they'll randomly screen lugg
village mobile home park. firefighters found one unit fully involved in flames. the man inside got out safely. the unit was destroyed. >> complaints of eye and throat irritation brought out san jose's hazmat crew to the hilton hotel. 13 guests and staff members were treated. the problem was on the hotel's 18th floor. the odor went away on its own. >> still to come on abc7 news at 6:00, an outage at a very bad time. the bay area senior center that has been without hot water for days. >> a popular piece pizza place hit with major fine. >> the oscar battle >>> a popular pete a restaurant in san francisco has been hit for a fine with knopp compliance with the universal health law. paxti's chicago pizza will pay $320,000 in a settlement. the money provide health care benefits for their current and former employees. the city puts a 4% surcharge on customers checks. the restaurant did not use the money collected for its stated purpose. >> president barack obama will be sworn into his second term in office a week from tomorrow. he is wasting no time working on big legislation which could defin
spots where shoot shootings occurred. he reassigned hundreds to the narcics unit. drug-related homicides dropped more than 90%. >> we ree dus it by controlling illegal behavior. if you change the behavior. you effectively reduce the amount of crime and number of people committing crimes. >> one of the crime fighting tools is a controversial stop and frisk. a tactic that is fueled anger among many residents, afraid it will result in racial profiling. in york during bratton's tenure there are 700,000 stop and frisk incidents a year. he blames it on police department that's have been using the practice inappropriately. >> the tools given to work with have you to use them legally. constitutionally. have you to use them compassionately. >> a center piece of the strategy will be the computer crime tracking system he helped develop. enabling brass to track in realtime frequency of crimes how effectively it's handling that louing to mobilize forces to a hot spot and stuff it out before it escalates. >> you can see accountability as to what is going on. >> there is a central part of the pol
the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. >> the swearing in will be repeat tomorrow before hundreds of thousands of people. a parade and two balls. our coverage of the inauguration continues at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america" and we'll have live streaming coverage at at 6:30. >> we showed you the shirts and hats being sold all over the bay area. >> ama: nick smith is live with a look at fans already stocking up. nick, are you there? reporter: absolutely. people have stopped us and saying if you're not wearing red and geld, get out of here. so everybody is looking for red and gold. look at video shot a few moments ago. we were at the sports authority south of market. the 49ers victory over the atlanta falcons means there's now a rush for gear celebrating the niners. fans couldn't wait to get their handses on anything red and gold. this sports authority started unpacking t-shirts and caps, recognizing the san francisco
faith and credit of the united states will not be a bargaining chip. abc 7 news mark matthews is here with the challenge that the president is facing on this. >> the president says concept understand.jjw that is not what we found and the challenge facing the president is one that he began to address this morning. president told reporters raising the debt keeling is not a question of more spending. >> it allows the country to pay for spending that congress is committed to. >> then, he repeated that. >> raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more he said it a half dozen time autos this is about paying your bills. debt... >> social security checks and veteran benefits will be delayed. we might not able to pay our troops or honor our contracts with small business owner autos house republicans say it's about spending. they want cuts for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised. >> the president said he will negotiate spending cuts. >> the full faith and credit of the united states of america snot a bargaining chip. >> but the challenge is a lot of people we've talked to had
facing charges of a attempted murder and arson.>ó)t he's being held in medical skrik unit scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. a law enforcement source tells abc 7 news he has an arrest record did iting back to 2008. he's been on probation since october, 2011 for what authorities call a domestic related incident saying he violated probation but was in compliance when he allegedly attacked his girlfriend. here is her mother's reaction to that information. >> his other background, if i nurks i won't -- none of this would have been happening. he won't have been in my house. >> these tragedies happen. we have to bring attention to them. and haveã,ñ to get into healing around it. >> that is one of the xmÑ of tonight's vigil. she went to the hospital last night with others from to take cards to star lamar. she's hoping this latest case will raise awareness about the level she says of the domestic violence in this community. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> just horrifying. thank you. tonight a hate-filled letter targeting people of philippino decent is being investigated. the lette
with the story. >> airlines raising prices? >> imagine. >> united airline as tempted first air fare hike of 2013. now, here is the question. will it stick? united raised price business just $2 to $5 each way, however, other airlines cannot immediately follow suit. now, usually the fare increase only sticks with other airlines raise their prices. but, fasten your seat belt. analysts predict they'll see a half dozen fare increases during 2013. general moators recalling about 55,000 suvs because they can roll away. the recalled models are the 2013 silver raddo, tahoe, avalanche and now, gm says cars can be shifted out of park, even if the key not in the ignition. so elt it's not a problem that could be. the company will notify those who did buy one, dealers will replace a column free of charge if that turns out to be necessary. sling box let's users watch home television shows remotely with a hook up, however, several customers complained sling media failed to honor service warranties. the better business bureau received 75 complaints. the district attorney filed a civil action against' company and
fulfilled. >> we are more united. we're more caring. and more transparent. however... we do still need to continue the growth. >> leaders from different faiths read from the writings. >> right there in alabama little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sisters and brother autos the reverend brings more than the average connection to this regular gassy. his mother was a young schoolteacher in alabama. today, it's an emotional one for her. >> it's just overwhelming to see how far we've come. what we've accomplished. we have a ways to go. >> there is still injustice and prejudice in work force areas. and there is as long as we're still playing catch up. >> they couldn't agree more in this rally. maddy scott lost her son 16 years ago. >> we're here. to say enough is enough. we want to drive for peace and celebrate and honor dr. king's birthday for nonviolence. >> scott wishes we can take guns out of hands and replace them with books. something king would champion were he here, today. >> and how nice it was a beautifu
, apple missed estimates, net flix adding two million subscribers. the dow gaining 46. united airlines posted a $620 million loss for last quarter saying would it slash jobs to help balance books. the airline said bookings are solid. says it acquired a company in poland that makes speech recognition software. >> san francisco officials are bringing back a year old program to help businesses in china town. starting this saturday, san francisco will prohibit curbside parking along five blocks of stockston street so businesses in that corridor can set up outdoor displays during weeks leading up to lunar new year to ensure safety of a large crowd of shopper that's they're expecting. >> we want pedestrians to stay within the stalk sidewalks. we'll have it care bided-sh barricaded off. >> merchants will have to get special permits and parking will be off limits between 9:00 in the morning and 7:00 at night. >> there is more still to come here tonight. just ahead, michael finney looks into whether some homeowners may have been misled about energy upgrades to home autos and mani teo
case unit began reviewing the case again. evidence led them to this hois, a person of interest interviewed during the investigation. police searched this home and found nothing. the cold case unit wanted a more thorough search. this afternoon a cadaver sniffing dog found something in the basement floor. crews began digging through the conkree. a crew from the medical examiner was called when bones were discovered in the ground. sources say a man named kelly lived in the house at that time. but that he has since died. michael sharp lived next door four decades and knew kelly and his roommate. >> never thought they'd do this. never. they never showed it. they were calm. and koom and everything. >> in trouble sf. >> none. >> so now, bones will be sent to the state lab for analysis to see if they're animal or human. by the way, our sources say inspectors, investigators believe that this man called kelly is the strongest suspect. >> the the abc 7 news i team brought an investigation to you into the case three months ago looking at other possible leads. dan noyes spoke with kevin's m
is not reached by late february or early march, the united states risks defaulting on its phenomenon r financial obligations. the argument will be how much congress will agree to cut spending. >> the bottom line is we can't continue down the path we're on of borrowing money to pay our debt. we have to have dollar for dollar cuts. >> key democrats and say the debt ceiling and the tax cuts are unrelated. >> not going to say i'm not going to pay my bills unless you stop buying stuff. so stop buying stuff so you don't have future bills but right now we have to pea the bell for what we incur. i you want to tie it to what we do next, fine. >> the big part of the budget is getting people back to work. >> president obama has said he will not negotiate with congress on whether they should pay their bills. some republicans are now criticizing his fiscal leadership. >> what is really disappointing to me is that the president isn't generating a discussion on his own help has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table when he have these other big issues like the debt ceiling to get him to talk about it
the transportation of goods. >> you realize united states doesn't grow bananas so we wanted to keep the commerce flowing. with that said, we wanted to be very cautious. >> the last time the plan was reviewed was five years ago following the cosco busan accident. 53,000 gallons of bunker fuel spilled into the bay and they are investigating whether a faulty beacon played a role. a racon radar is a navigation aid to help get a ship through the bay bridge. there are three attached to the bridge. one of them was not working when the oil tanker hit one of towers. >> it reported to the coastguard after the one racon was not working properly. >> but the coastguard clarified that the troubled racon is located along the charlie delta span where it is not where it crossed. >> could that have been the cause of this? >> it's hard to say because there is a lot of factors we need to look at. maybe it is important and we will look into it very seriously. >> the vessel also relies on other navigation tools to guide it. the pilot navigating the ship at the time has passed both alcohol and drug tests. >> the alcoh
the behavior. >> crime plummet atd cross the country in the 90s. >> the crime rate in the united states peaked around 1992, 1993, then went on a decline continuing through 1990s and into the 2000s. >> this professor heads center on juvenile and criminal justice and he says at the same time during 90s an fran was pursuing a far more progressive aprof to crime control during the decade and there was more emphasis on community policing and intervention and more alternatives to incarceration. >> it provided a wonderful contrast between hard line new york city policies and the more lenient san francisco policies. what wsh the results? >> in san francisco, violent crimes plummeted by 47%. the decline in new york city, 1% below san francisco. in fact, san francisco drop in major crimes almost double the number of 10 other cities in the country. >> san francisco being criticized for it's liberal policies. >> when san francisco violent crimes doped -- dropped terrence halinan was the da. many called him soft on crime. he didn't believe in three strike autos thank you. >> chp says it's close to tracking
order of business when new congress is sworn in, tomorrow. >> the united nations now estimates that more than 60,000 people have been killed in syria's 21-month-old uprising. opposition activists vift?g-2 groups estimated death toll at more than 45,000 this, is the first time the un estimate was higher. the un human rights chief called this truly shocking and calling on international community now, in particular the un security council to help stop the blood shed it will be a big day tomorrow in newtown, connecticut. children of sandy hook elementary return to school for the first time since the dqfépwer 14th massacre. they will not be returning to old campus, staff and volunteers spent winner break moving into a school renamed sandy hook. they tried to create the campus, putting desks and supplies where kids are used to seeing them, teachers skpairnts students tour that had new campus today. >> they're coming in. so excited to see teachers and this -- students completes a circle. that is what is missing right now. get lg students back. >> the former principal came out of retishlt to o
to some two million americans. nancy pelosi sounded hopeful. >> it's a bill that was passed in the united states senate 89-8 tell me when you've had that on a measure as controversial as this. >> pelosi called to put the version on the floor. >> the issue of whether we have an up or down vote shouldn't be a question. shouldn't be a qe. we're told when we -- we would not have any legislative -- legislation until and unless the senate acted. when they did, we'd have a vote. and so, we want to have that vote. >> instead, republicans called for continuing a pay freeze for workers they voted on renaming a post office in massachusetts and another, in wisconsin. the deal was for fail to address spending cuts. >> trillion dollarsqx(ox we sped this year is a trillion dollars that we'll have to bear for the rest of our lives. >> in fact, the senate deal adds $4 trillion to the debt over 10 years. largely by extending tax cuts to everyone making under 400 grand. the house is going debate nomplt hour and a half. we're expecting a vote between 8 and 8:30 tonight. if it passes, the bill will retroactiv
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15